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Register Your Child Now!

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to FasTracKids Academy

FasTracKids Academy ensures high quality, accelerated learning, based on recent research into the psychology of the brain and on studies into the most effective teaching methods from around the world. These methods lead to spectacular results in the classroom with students becoming more motivated and engaged in their learning. In FasTracKids, we provide a solid foundation for future academic growth in schools. Your child gets the opportunity to become a strong, independent thinker who has the ability to compete in a global environment and have a bright future.

Our Features


We have numerous facilities such as playrooms, gymnasium, library, dining hall, computer, science and FTK labs, art studio, mini-clinic, seminar and events hall etc.

Stimulating Brain Techniques

Stimulating the Brain is what we do. We have Brain Gym, Brain Teasers, Brain Breaks, and Whole Brain Teaching. Well, yes, our students are Brainiacs!

Multiple Intelligences Test

Students can take the Multiple Intelligences Test based on Howard Gardner’s theory of eight distinct intelligences that students use to accelerate learning and retain information.


Afterschool Clubs:
Math Club
Robotics Club
English Literacy Club
Foreign Languages Club
Artistic Club
Athletics Club
Arabic Calligraphy Club


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FasTracKids Academy will start in


Stay tuned for more updates…


Our American International Curriculum is geared towards providing quality education and the acquisition of all academic skills adequate for the grade level. We combine engaging curriculum with a collaborative and fun-based methodology to create dynamic 21st century learners who are knowledgeable, creative, independent, confident, self-disciplined and persistent critical thinkers, decision- makers and problem-solvers.

The International Baccalaureate is increasing in popularity. The IB was introduced to cater for the growing numbers of internationally mobile students who wanted an education that was not tied to any national government’s agenda. The curriculum aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people.


The franchise has developed highly effective methodology of teaching which is research-based, innovative and engaging. It is also individualized, supportive and comprehensive. At FasTracKids we Take Fun Seriously and we use the latest technologies in teaching and learning.


of our State-of-the-Art facility of FasTracKids Academy.